Baptism and Blessings

Baptism is the sign of belonging in the Christian church. We are happy to carry out baptismal services for people of all ages. When we baptise infants, we are saying that God loves them even before they know about it, and that they are welcome in the community of faith, because of what Jesus has done for them (but they need to make that choice for themselves when they are older.)

When we baptise adults, we are generally recognising that they are loved and welcome in God’s family because of what Jesus has done, and that they have their own faith in him. 

Baptism is a once in a lifetime sacrament, so if someone has been baptised as a child, we don’t rebaptise them as adults. Instead, we have alternative ways of celebrating an adult’s own response of faith. 

Blessing services

Baptism is not the right choice for every family. Where a child has been baptised somewhere else, where one or both parents feel they can’t take the baptismal promises with integrity, or where there is a desire to leave open the possibility of a child seeking baptism for themselves later, a service of blessing might be more appropriate. Whatever your circumstances we still want to share your celebration.

This still normally takes place in a Sunday morning service, involves prayers, readings and a blessing for your child, but we don’t use water or ask parents to make promises.

Feel free to contact the minister to talk about the possibilities and what might be right for you and your family.


We are very happy to baptise adults who seek that as their response to Christ’s love for them. This is sometimes (but not necessarily) in connection with new members joining the congregation. If you were already baptised as a child (in any Christian church) we’ll offer a service of confirmation instead. Speak to a member of the ministry team if you’d like to explore this option further.