Arranging a Funeral

Fort William Kilmallie is a Parish Church. We are here for everyone living in our Parish (which covers Fort William, Caol, Corpach and a wide rural area surrounding them.)

We will be pleased to help you to arrange a personalised Christian service of remembrance and hope, and to offer our support.

“I am the resurrection and life, says the Lord. Whoever believes in me will live, even though they die.” John 11:25

Church funeral services are personalised to reflect the person who passed and the family’s wishes. A Christian service uniquely celebrates the hope of eternal life.

Church of Scotland Ministers do not charge for their services in connection with funerals.

The members of our ministry team will help you arrange a service to be held in whatever setting is best for you and your family, but this page sets out the main arrangements for a service in one of our church buildings (and you can choose whichever is most suitable for your needs.). The Minister will talk over each step with you and answer any questions.

We offer a personal service, reflecting on the character and life of the person who has passed away. Our services will involve Bible readings and prayers, and there is often a talk reflecting on their, delivered either by the minister or a friend or family member. Other elements of the service, such as hymns or music, can vary to suit your circumstances.

Funeral patterns are changing rapidly so feel free to ask about ways we can adapt to your needs. The practical arrangements are made in conjunction with the Funeral Director, and the earlier you contact them the better. 

Local Funeral Directors

We recommend you start by contacting a funeral director who will be able to guide you on the practicalities and options and will liaise with us to make the necessarily bookings and arrangements.

John McLellan & Co. Ltd., Dudley Road, Fort William, PH33 6JB. 

Tel: 01397 702 128 (24 hours). 


Manson and MacBeath, 10 Battlefield Crescent, Inverlochy, Fort William, PH33 6NB. 

Tel: 01397 701110 (24 hours) 


Greenlees and Son, Kilmallie Road, Caol, PH33 7HE

Tel: 07895 218644



The undertaker will advise you on obtaining a death certificate. You can make provisional arrangements before you get this, so don’t wait to get in touch with the undertaker and minister, but it is best not to announce or advertise a service until the death certificate is issued. The local Registrar can be contacted before you arrange the funeral on 01397 704 583.  

The Church Service

A service in one of the churches is likely to last for about 20 to 30 minutes. The content and format should be discussed with the person who will be conducting the service.


Most people choose to have hymns during the service (most often two). The person leading the service or the funeral director will help you to choose suitable hymns if you wish. Organ music or recorded music can be played before and after the service. The funeral director will liaise with us if an organist/pianist is required.


You may, if you wish, decorate the church with flowers. After the funeral, you may wish to remove the flowers for your own use or leave them in the Church for other services.

Suggested Fees and Donations

There is no fee for a minister to conduct a service. Where there is significant travel to a crematorium, travel expenses are appreciated. We suggest a donation of £150 for the use of the church building, and the organist fee is £100, but we will make sure no-one is ever excluded from having a church funeral on the basis of cost. Fees and donations will usually be handled by the undertaker on your behalf. 

Pastoral Care 

The Church community continues to be concerned for you in the time following your bereavement and is here with the Minister to support you. Your experience of bereavement may raise questions and issues regarding your own personal faith so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Memorial Service 

Each year we hold a service of reflection for recently bereaved families, and we’ll try to make sure you get details near to the time if that if that would be helpful.

Sunday Services 

Details of our services are on this site. You are always welcome.

Charitable donations

Donations towards any charity will be uplifted by the undertaker and given to the family after the service to pass on directly.