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A place to belong

Fort William Kilmallie Church is a community where people can encounter Jesus, live a Jesus-centred life making the most of their gifts, and where everyone is welcome. We in Lochaber, living, working and serving in Fort William, Caol and Corpach, and surrounding areas. All are welcome in this place!

We are (re)building our church community, centred on God’s transforming word, prayer, fellowship, and with an expectation of being Spirit-led as we move forward.

We believe that all life is better with Jesus, and living according to his example, and we want to share the Good News in the communities in which we live and work. Our story is one of joining with the story of God, following where He leads and pursuing His presence. We are a community with a rich history, and we are embracing this time of renewal and redirection as we together discern “what next?”

We would love you to be part of this renewal. All are welcome.

More about us

We also know going to a new church for the first time can be nerve-racking too. So, here’s a little about who we are:

  • We believe the Good News! We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is Good News for all in our community, and living out Jesus’ example can change everything. We seek to continue the mission of Jesus; to impact believers, followers, searchers and those yet to know Him with the life-transforming message and reality of the Kingdom. Everything changes when we realise how much we are loved by God.
  • Expecting God’s presence: It’s never been about what we can do—it’s about who we are with! We believe that God will lead His church through the Holy Spirit; to decide what to do next, we need to discern God’s will, rather than rely on our own preferences. And that means being…
  • Prayer-full: We need to put prayer at the heart of our community – and not just in our Sunday services! We seek a level of intimacy with God beyond simply ‘head-knowledge’. We’re working on it!
  • Celtic-influenced: Our parish has had Christian worship for over 1500 years. While we have an eye on the future, we also draw from the past. Celtic worship emphasises care of creation, and love for each other, and is highly relevant for today given the environmental catastrophe and increasing isolation of individuals. It emphasises that we are all made in God’s image and strives to reveal the inner goodness in all of us. We are all uniquely gifted, and as a community we celebrate creativity in its various forms.
  • Grounded in the Bible: We believe the Bible is both accurate and relevant to our lives today. Our teachings are based on bible teachings, and we have two Bible study groups… with room for more!
  • Focused on Jesus: We know we need to better follow Jesus in our daily lives, so we’re working together to be better apprentices of Jesus through study, training and fellowship.
  • Hospitable: You are welcome here.
  • Part of the Church of Scotland: A reformed, national church. We work with other Church of Scotland churches and also with other denominations across our area. We also comply with safeguarding regulations.
  • Not perfect: We’re still working on all these things, on coming closer to God, and better living our lives with God and with each other. We welcome people who aren’t perfect either :).

Always learning, always seeking

Every day is a school day here at Fort William Kilmallie Church of Scotland as we become increasingly aware of just how wonderful life with God can be.   We aim to provide a safe space to ask questions and find out more about God, about ourselves and about the world around us. As part of our discipleship, we welcome all in this place. We’re all starting from a different place. We believe that everyone is a child of God and deserves to be treated with love and respect.

“What I love is that at the heart of Christianity you have this idea of intimacy, which is true belonging, being seen, the ultimate home of becoming who you really are… that’s what I’d call spirituality… the art of homecoming.”

John O’Donohue

Get involved

There are several places you can start to get to know us better: 

Just come along to our Sunday services. We hold regular Sunday services in Fort William, Caol and Corpach. You will also be made welcome at our informal Thursday lunchtime service in Fort William. There is no dress code at any of our services. You can enthusiastically become part of the community, or you can sit quietly at the back. Many of our sermons are also made available on Facebook shortly after the service.

If you’re not sure about Christianity or simply want to get back to basics, you might want to join one of our Christianity Explored sessions or discipleship groups.

If you want to chat about our church, Christianity or spirituality, our ministry team members are always happy to grab a coffee in a local cafe! Contact us.

You can also pop into our Soup Saturday, Men’s Breakfast or any one of the many events in the church. Check out our Facebook page for what’s going on right now.