You are welcome here

You will find a home at Fort William Kilmallie Church.

Living, working and worshipping across three locations in Fort William, Caol and Corpach, our church community has a vision centred around making and growing as followers and apprentices of Jesus Christ. We do this through worship, prayer, study, forming community and seeking to be led by the Holy Spirit.  For more information, start here.

You can find our worship times here.

We believe that everyone is a child of God and deserves to be treated with love and respect. All are welcome in this place.

Whether you’ve been here for years, are new to the area or are just visiting… you’re welcome. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, rich or poor or ‘just’ average… you’ll find a place. Whether you’re a crying newborn, an energetic toddler, a curious teen or a hyperactive grandad… feel welcome here. If you can sing like an opera star or can’t hold a note in the shower… make this your home. Whether you’re just curious and haven’t been in church for years… or are more Christian than the Church moderator, come on in!

Whether you have it all together, or you’re barely holding onto the pieces, church is for you. Whether you’re happy or struggling, whether you’re tattooed or pierced, whether you just need some quiet, friendship or a prayer, or whether you have doubts about all this ‘religion’ thing… know that you are welcome here.

We are part of the Church of Scotland, and work with many other churches and fellowships.